22 Important Tips to Ensure You Travel on a Low Budget

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Working 40 hour long weeks, taking care of family, keeping up with your social life, exercising three times a week, and the list goes on and on. Are you exhausted yet? Thats right, everyone needs a getaway to relieve life’s stresses, duties, obligations, or even just simply relax, with no distractions. However, at the mention of the word ‘vacation’, the thought of it breaking the bank crosses all our minds. Although, the vacation many people crave (and need) for isn’t actually as expensive as they think; all you have to do is ensure you stick to a low budget. You may be wondering how this could be possible; heck we did at first! Well then, you are going to want to continue reading below…

The expenses that can be managed to fit into this “low” (and affordable) include cheap flights, hotel rooms – while these are the obvious, we have a few other tips and tricks up our sleeves! I will be sharing important tips that can offer solutions to the frequently encountered financial impediments faced by many individuals when it comes to planning a getaway trip. These tips will also help you save the most cost possible during your vacation; after all, who wants to be stressed out about money WHILE on vacation? Lets not defeat the purpose here.

Some of these important tips include the following;

• Before going on any trip, it is important to be prepared. Make enquiries about costs before visiting a museum and traveling by public transportation to different destinations. Finding out ahead of time can help you get discounts on bus passes and also enable you to get passes prior to when you need them.
• When it comes to traveling internationally, consider traveling with non-US airlines. To get information on different flight details to different destinations, you can visit or You can fly on an airline that offers regional discount within the European continent; you can also visit or for more details. It would interest you to know that you can travel with as low as approximately $30.00 if you don’t opt for a major flight.
• However, the cost of regular flight tickets might be too expensive for your budget. In such a situation I advise you consider checking fares regularly to take note of when there is a drop in the regular cost. Also visit sites that notify and help you to compare the prices of different flight tickets from different airlines. Some of these sites include,, or Online booking enables you to save cost and get discounts on the prices of flight tickets. Do not hesitate to negotiate deals, you just might get lucky.
• Another option is to opt for a road trip; there are so many ideas to consider when planning a road trip. You can use the site to determine how much gas you’ll need for a trip, this site also offers a list of destinations within your reach. You can also check the website or for destinations you can visit. You can also check travel guides for more options.

• Consider visiting locations that are not the popular tourist attraction sites. As a traveler you should be willing to explore and stretch out of your comfort zone for the adventure of a life time. The perks of visiting such places include top sights, a lot of exciting features coupled with a sensational shopping experience. You could also consider visiting resorts within your location, you don’t always have to travel long distances or cross the Atlantic Ocean to get the amazing vacation you require. Secondary destinations are a steal at any time; you can choose a particular city and search for nearby towns within a reasonable jurisdiction.
• You can also conserve expenses by renting a condo or a house instead of multiple rooms. If you are going on a vacation with your family or with a group of your friends, renting a house is a lot cheaper. You can talk to the owner of the property and make all the necessary enquiries you need, and you can also negotiate the price of the rent. If you can add a little more to your budget, you can use villa companies that carry out inspections of properties prior to renting them out. Such companies also act partly as a concierge and recommend unique features. Helpful websites include, or Renting a property such as a house or condo is definitely something to consider especially if the travel location has scarce hotels, in such locations hotel bills will be very expensive. Also if the travel location is a major city with expensive hotels, it is cost effective to rent a house or a condo. For hotel listings abroad, you can visit websites such as, or
• Ensure that your travel agency gives you a detailed information about everything that pertains to your trip. Such information should range from facilities available, travel information, and extra charges for luggage. This may sound a bit weird but I advise you travel with a handy calculator to calculate how much you spend, this helps you ensure you stick to your budget.
• Avoid traveling with a lot of cash; many people are tempted to spend more when they move around with a lot of cash. It also prevents the unexpected circumstance of being robbed while you are on vacation. You can always use credit cards or prepaid cards in any part of the world which are suitable alternatives to moving around with cash.

• You don’t have to lodge in a luxurious hotel to have an unforgettable travel experience as you can enjoy your vacation while lodged in a small hotel. Small hotels are cheaper and help you save some cash, and these hotels have a unique and cozy interior decoration. Also select an off-season destination, for instance countries such as the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America experience winter during the summer months yet they are still quite pleasant places to visit around that period of time. Such locations appear to be less crowded during that period of the year. In addition to summer months, the period of spring and holidays are peak seasons to avoid. Traveling during a period that is off-peak saves a lot of cost. Peak seasons differ as it all depends on the vacation location.
• Another option that can help save cost is to consider swapping homes with other people; you can sign up to a home exchange site. On a home exchange site, you get to meet other people around the globe willing to swap their homes, it all depends on the location you are interested in visiting. Some home exchange sites include or You can discuss extensively with whoever you want to swap homes with and link other interested home swappers.
• Consider going for a cruise as a getaway option, resorts that are all inclusive help you minimize how much you spend. Other perks of going on a cruise include different shore excursions and drinks on the house. You can visit to nab the best cruise deals.
• Also consider booking trips that have a fixed cost, this reduces the overall cost you are likely to spend. Such trips include enlisting for a group tour or resort packages. There are many travel guides available to help with this. Expenses are prepaid on group tours and the guides give you an idea of the cost. Visit for available tours you can enlist for. You can also consider resort packages; visit various websites to get the best resort deals. Some of these websites include,,, and Some resorts that offer good deals include Starfish resorts, Beaches and Riu.
• Select a bargain destination as a suitable vacation spot. Some suitable bargain destinations include Hungary, Peru, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Slovenia and Panama. Always check the exchange rate of whatever country you plan to visit and also consider visiting countries with currencies that are faltered. All these key points help you save cost.
• Instead of eating in popular restaurants while on vacation, you can choose to enjoy a nice picnic or visit where the natives of the city eat. Eat close to wherever you have lodged instead of spending extra cash on bus fare. If you choose to enjoy a picnic, visit the native’s grocery stores and get yourself acquainted to the daily activities of the locals.

• Avoid buying costly souvenirs; purchase the items you need from cheaper countries. Also consider cheaper sources of transportation such as the train, most importantly if you are in a country situated in the European continent. If you are interested in going on a tour around the city, consider taking a bus. Bus fare passes are the cheapest, outside of trekking. While on your tour, hold a water bottle, this saves the unnecessary cost spent on buying water or a soda.
• While lodged in a hotel, make sure you take advantage of any extra that is available. Some of these advantages include free breakfast, or free milk and cookies. You can also visit the bakery towards the end of the day; you’ll get to buy fresh products at a cheap cost (almost half the cost price). They do this to ensure all products are sold fresh in the same day of production.
• Always consider traveling light, do not travel with whatever you don’t need else you’ll have to pay extra for the excess luggage. You can always buy whatever petty things you need at a cheaper cost in your vacation spot. Also get a travel insurance prior to going on a vacation, this may seem rather expensive but you can save a lot of money if anything happens while you are on your unforgettable getaway trip.
• Travel rewards card can come in handy in saving for your next trip. You can compare reward cards using Ensure you select a card that doesn’t require foreign transaction fees. This type of card allows you to cut down every unnecessary cost. Also search for local programs that offer refunds on tax.
• The use of apps can really help you to save cost while you are on vacation. Notable apps to visit include Hotel Tonight; this app gets you great travel deals. Another alternative app is Trip Saver which enables you to adequately plan your vacation as well as keep track on your budget for the trip. Trip Saver app also allows you to set limits on how much you spend daily. To search for anything within your jurisdiction, use the Yelp app. Yelp app is a superb tool that allows you to make a comparison of various differences.

• Always remember to check for discounts on tours, sites such as Groupon and Living Social helps with this. In addition to discounts, free deals are also offered such as a free treatment in the spa, a remarkable discount on available merchandise and many more. With sites like this at your fingertips, you can always save more cash. Search for friends and family within your destination, this saves you the cost of lodging in a hotel.
• You can choose to go on a road trip with a couple of friends, you can switch turns in driving to ease the stress of driving for long hours. This is way cheaper compared to each of you getting rail passes. The gas price is nothing compared to the amount that will be spent on rail passes. While driving, make sure you park carefully. Tourists are easily spotted by thieves, it is therefore important to park in a safe location. To ensure you keep your money properly, consider getting a money belt whenever you are traveling. So many pickpockets pretend to be beggars, be careful especially when walking through crowded areas. Be at alert for any possible scam.
• If you are visiting a hot destination and you don’t need to take a hot shower, you can consider lodging in a hostel with cheap dorm beds. Both youths and adults can use a hostel card to lodge. As a matter of fact, adults above the age of 55 are often given a discount on hostel payment. You can also use the hostel’s kitchen to cook instead of eating out.

With these tips, you are ready for your low budget vacation…have you decided where yet?