Ranked: America’s 21 Best Cities to Live In

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America is the most powerful country in the world, it is known for its vast development in diverse sectors that matter all around the globe. Most importantly America is known for its cities with unique features. This write up briefly highlights the features of 21 renowned cities in the United States of America. Some of these cities include the following;

Bellevue, Washington is a beautiful city surrounded by lakes and mountains. It has approximately 120,000 residents. It is a suburb with attractive parks that offer a wide array of recreational options to residents of the city. It is quite easy to navigate through the city by taking the sidewalks, or bike paths. These paths lead to different restaurants, music locations, and museums. Additionally, the schools in this city have been ranked in top spots by different media outlets in the country. The residents of this city exhibit different lifestyle choices; it is one of the places anyone would enjoy living in.
Santa Barbara is another city in America with beautiful scenery. This Californian city has cool mountain views, amazing resorts, and stunning beaches. The city of Santa Barbara is a renowned tourist attraction site that has a strong economy. There are wide arrays of amenities that are accessible in this city; it has a health care system that is highly ranked and highly rated education system. You can always visit restaurants that cook and serve fresh produce directly from there farms, a wide variety of outdoor recreational spots, shopping in top of the class malls, and to crown it all, the city has superb weather that puts a smile on the faces of all the residents of this city. Living in this city can be likened to ‘living the dream’.
Rochester, Minnesota is an affordable city anyone can live in. It has schools that are ranked in the top position, an effective health care system and affordable housing for many residents. This city is the home of the popular health facility, Mayo Clinic. The city has recently encountered an economic boom that has drawn the attention of both new businesses and new residents. This creates a variety of entertainment options to residents of this city.
Fort Collins is located in Colorado. It is a city known for its microbreweries, hiking trails and beautiful mountain views. There are so many enticing amenities in Fort Collins some of which include high tech companies, excellent schools (e.g. Colorado State University) and top notch health care options. New residents are continuously drawn to this city due to the attractive amenities that are accessible. Some tech companies in Fort Collins include Intel, Hewlett Packard, and National Semiconductor. The top notch schools contribute immensely to the growth of the economy, and entertainment options. This city also has affordable homes and suitable options for recreation.
Madison, Wisconsin has an approximate estimated population of 24,000. This city has one of the best health care facilities in the country, a growing economy and top schools with an impressive academic system (as seen in the University of Wisconsin). This city is a state capital with diverse cultures. It is definitely one of the best places to live in America.
Ann Arbor which is located in Michigan. It is known as one of the best college towns (e.g. the University of Michigan). This city contributes positively to culture and economic development. Ann Arbor has over a hundred and fifty parks; other notable features include the Huron River, unique restaurants, and a wide availability of different shops, thus giving residents diverse entertainment options. Overall, this city is a wonderful place to live in.
• The city of Iowa is known for its unique and large assortments of entertainment and art options, these options have drawn the attention of many residents and visitors. The city of Iowa offers affordable housing to new residents, a reliable health care system and schools that are highly ranked with notable contributions to the city’s cultural tone (e.g. the University of Iowa).
Bismarck is a city located in the east bank of the Missouri river in North Dakota. This city provides a park system that is large with trails for biking and walking. The city also has a strong and growing economy, tourist attraction such as the renowned North Dakota zoo, exquisite golf courses and a Kirkwood mall located in downtown where residents can enjoy a lasting shopping experience. Features that often attract new residents to this city include its affordable housing system, and quality health care services. The growing economy of Bismarck is due to its numerous small scale businesses. A feature in the city that is a major tourist attraction is the 19 story building which is an art deco located in the state capital of North Dakota.
• The Sioux Falls located in South Dakota has a total population of over 160,000 people. This city has cool neighborhoods, diverse entertaining offers and good schools. It is a city that is ranked highly when it comes to excellent health care system and other available amenities. Sioux Falls has over 70 greenways and parks; this includes Falls Park that has a distinguishing water fall. These features keeps the residents of the city active at all times. Leading economic features include banks, telecommunication companies and hospitals. The renowned food shopping center called ‘Empire Mall’ is located in this city, it is a of 1.3 million foot building. This major tourist attraction site draws so many visitors from the Midwest into the city. It is such an amazing city to live in.
San Mateo is one of the diverse Californian cities in Silicon Valley. This city is rich in the large assortment of historic buildings, restaurants and parks. The economy of this city is anchored by finance companies and technology. San Mateo is home to many leading companies such as Franklin Templeton investments. The city leaders prioritize efforts tapering towards sustainability. It is an affordable city, many residents opt for cheap forms of transportation which includes a commuter train service and local buses.
Walnut Creek is another city in California. This city is popular for its wine and art festival which showcase’s the impressive food scenes of Walnut Creek. Asides exquisite restaurants, other notable features include excellent schools, a wide array of recreational options and entertainment alternatives. Residents of Walnut Creek often engage in events in the community, they are also politically active.
Overland park is located in Kansas; features include the availability of top notch schools, impressive recreational facilities, a stable economy and entertainment opportunities. It is one of the best places to live in with your family. The park has a safe environment for children, this enables children to explore and derive inspiration for learning. Top ranking employers include Black and Veatch, Johnson County Community College, and Sprint.
Rapid City, South Dakota is located between the Black Hills mountain range (northeast of mountain Rushmore) and the Badlands National Park. Rapid City is also known as the city of presidents due to its unique collection of life-sized statues of bronze. This city makes a large assortment of amenities available to residents; such amenities include art scenes that are vibrant and affordable housing alternatives. An American Army National Guard post is situated in Rapid City, close to Ellsworth Air Force Base and Army Camp. It is a major economic force with a developing sector for manufacturing and top notch health care system. Excellent schools are also situated in this city, parents have affirmed to the excellence of schools in Rapid City.
Fargo is considered to be one of the most suitable cities for job seekers and new college graduates and, it is located in North Dakota. This city has a diverse economy and the cost of living is very much affordable. These benefits attract so many new residents to Fargo City. The strong educational scene of the city of Fargo is firmly anchored by the North Dakota State University; the city also offers an entertainment package that is quite strong. Other features of interest in the city include beautiful outdoor attractions, theaters, restaurants, and museums.
Ashland is a city located in Oregon; it is a small city that is endowed with a lot of charms. This city has an estimated population of over 20,000 people. This ranges from green spaces, inner city bike trails, restored and preserved historic buildings. The city of Ashland hosts a yearly festival of Oregon Shakespeare that attracts a huge number of visitors. Asides the tourist attraction sites, this city is home to Southern Oregon University. Some of the features that keep residents entertained in the city of Ashland include the art galleries, performance venues and exquisite restaurants.
Rockville, Maryland is known for its top notch schools and archaic character which appeals to so many prospects. It has a population of a little over 63,000 people. Many people are drawn to the innovative biomed and technology companies that lead and sustain the growth of the economy. The town square in this city features over 50 restaurants and shops. Other notable amenities in this city include a large library, the city festivals and a unique health care system.
Olympia, Washington is known for its unique surrounding amenities (Capitol Lake, Puget Sound and Capitol State Forest) and beautiful scenery. It has a population of over 45,000 people. This city has excellent school systems (Saint Martin’s University and Evergreen State College). Other peculiar features of Olympia include Harlequin novel productions and an Animal Fire Theater.
Santa Cruz, California is a popular surfing spot; this city offers its residents a laid back lifestyle. The city has a population of over 60,000 people. In this city, residents have access to lakes, beaches and redwood forests. The most popular activities of Santa Cruz include paddle boarding, sailing, surfing, and diving. This city always entertains its residents. In addition to the numerous recreation activities, Santa Cruz showcases so many performance venues and a large assortment of restaurants. Who wouldn’t want to live in this hotspot???
Charlottesville, Virginia has a population of well over 40,000 people. The attractive amenities of this city include the availability of affordable housing systems, entertaining outdoor activities, walkable streets in the neighborhood, numerous locally owned shops, a restaurant scene that is expansive, and historical tourist attractions. Employers in Charlottesville, Virginia include the University of Virginia. So many tourists visit this city annually to have a taste of some of the amenities the locals of this city experience constantly. Some of these amenities include microbreweries, music venues, hiking trails and vineyards that are close by.
Lakeview, Colorado is a city with amazing views of the Rocky Mountains. This city has a population of over 145,000 people. There is an increasing collection of restaurants and shops; this is due to the strong economy of Lakeview, Colorado. The Denver Federal Center is the largest employer in this city, it has over 7000 workers. This city also has top notch schools including the Colorado Christian University. Lakeview, Colorado also has fascinating outdoor attractions such as the easily accessible 2,600 acre Bear Creek Lake Park. There are so many interesting features to keep residents of the city entertained at all times. It is one of the best places to live in.
Palo Alto is located in California, and it is known as a city that surpasses a huge quality of living standards. Unique amenities found in this city include lovely parks with unique designs, a 31-mile ring which is made up of dark fiber that speeds up internet access in the city, open spaces that create an option for recreational facilities, and the availability of peculiar restaurants ant their exquisite cuisine. The residents of this city are active political participants, highly supportive and socially minded. When it comes to the measure of livability in Palo Alto, this city holds a high ranking.

You’ll surely like to be a resident of any of the above cities as they’ve got the ingenious vibes. They are the best American cities where your good health and prosperity is rest assured. And don’t forget to share with us in the comments below of which city you would live in!