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10 Powerful Tips to Achieve Success and Wealth In All Aspects of Life

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The first thing that comes to mind when we hear “wealth” is money and when we hear “success”, we think of fame. Although, wealth and success go beyond financial prosperity and prominence. They are relative, meaning different things to different people, yet they go hand in hand, like the chicken and egg story. Is wealth success? Is success wealth? There is no straightforward answer to this. They are basically two ideals that have a meeting point determined by your values and goals. Nevertheless, they are both inclusive of each other and the differentiation is really up to you.

Wealth is a measure of a person’s, community’s, organization’s value in terms of assets. The definition of wealth is context and situation dependent, thus meaning different things to different people at different times. A person is said to be wealthy if he has a high net worth; the most common expression of wealth. While, the opposite of wealth is destitution.

Success on the other hand has to do with accomplishments and achievements, or the favorable outcome of an attempt. It can be viewed as the achievement of set goals; honor, respect, fame, academic progress, wealth, family bond, and relative desired results. While, the opposite of success is failure.

Like the proverbial saying, “One way does not lead to the market,” meaning there are many ways to achieve wealth and success, whether it’s in your personal life or professional. A practice of one or all of these ways, in no particular order is a sure way to achieve and maintain wealth and success.

1. Create Smart Goals

Every wealthy and successful person is driven by a specific goal or goals. Your goal serves as a guideline towards the achievement of your desires. Create short term and long term goals. Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T.
Specific: Your goal should be clear-cut and unambiguous. It should answer certain questions like what, why, who, where, and which.
Measurable: The indicators of your goals should be quantifiable. You should be able to state when it is in progress and when it is accomplished. This keeps you on track.
Attainable: Are your goals achievable or extreme? Your goals should be above standard performance, yet within reach.
Realistic: Your goals should have a purposeful relevance. They should matter and be worthwhile. A realistic goal attracts and garners support.
Timely: In your goal setting, not just anything goes, and this applies to timing too. Your goals should have an expected time frame. A time bound goal gives you a sense of focus and drive. It gives you something to do with each day that comes.
Don’t just create goals; come up with strategies that will help you work towards your goals. You can also create a reward system for every goal attained. What do you do when you achieve your goals? Create new ones.

2. Create a Reward System

A reward system is an age old practice that still works today. Do you remember when you were awarded the best or among the top best in class and you received a prize or some form of acknowledgment? Maybe even for one of the many times you did something good for another: a favor, a house chore or an errand, and you received a pat on the head, a hug, a gift, or even just a simple “thank you” in return. Didn’t it make you happy and encouraged, where you to wanted to do even more. Create a reward system for yourself or business, one that works inline with your individual or group goals and watch it work! A business example would be: For every group task achieved, you and your team members can go out for a dessert, lunch, or even something fun like bowling. A personal example could be: For every success milestone reached, you can purchase those new shoes you’ve been dreaming of, or plan a vacation getaway with your family or friends. A reward system will create a good feeling in your heart towards achievements and spur you on towards attaining your next set of goals.

3. The Rule of Firsts

First things are first for a reason, from first impressions to first days, and they are pivotal in not just surviving, but succeeding in your endeavors. Don’t see your firsts as hurdles; see them as gateways to the next level. The first is always the hardest as there is really no cognate experience to hold onto, focus on getting to the first and then getting over it and you’ll do just fine! Give your first your best shot, it will determine whether you get a second or not. Your first day at work, your first savings, your first investment, your first task, your first project….tackle them like that’s all you have to do and the second will follow closely and easily. Take advantage of the all the firsts that come along your way and soon enough your goals will be in the palm of your hand.

4. Creativity

Creativity is doing the usual in an unusual way. It is creating the extraordinary from the ordinary. It involves coming up with ideas and solutions to solve problems. Everyone is unique and a sure way to achieving wealth and success is using your uniqueness to your advantage; ingenuity. Other people’s opinion may be that there is nothing new under the sun. You cannot let this discourage you in anyway! You can create wealth for yourself and achieve success by spinning an old idea, invention or product in your own way. Human beings are naturally attracted to ingenuity and this is why arts, crafts, graphics and designs will always appeal to us and never cease to amaze us. Think about it, what are you doing today that can be done differently or even better. Sometimes all it requires is just a step of faith and boldness. Let your creativity work for you!

5. Go Online

There are so many opportunities that abound online towards achieving wealth and success. The online market is a virtual world on its own that can be harnessed to your advantage. You can create wealth by buying and selling online; grocery, provision, household items, kitchen utensils, furniture and even landed property. There are various websites to this effect. You can write and sell articles, journals and books for various online markets, especially in areas of your interests and/or experience. The world is now global and a great percentage of the people are practically online all day and thus shop online for their various needs especially as it’s just at the tips of their fingers and less stressful. There is also social marketing too, where companies pay individuals to generate traffic and boost their social awareness online. Don’t be discouraged by the growing industry; the sky is wide enough for birds to fly without hitting each other. Find your niche and let your creativity do the trick for you. Always be careful to make a great impressions, as there’s always little or no physical contact and you cannot be sure of being able to redeem yourself. As much as lies in your power, let quality be your watchword and you can be sure of carving a niche yourself here.

6. Get a Mentor

A mentor is someone who has gone ahead and excelled in the field you are interested in. A mentor can offer you wisdom, knowledge, advice and expertise. A mentor can share his or her knowledge, failures and most importantly successes. Many wealthy and successful people today will attribute a degree of their achievements to having a mentor. A mentor saves you the many stresses of indecisions and mistakes. While, a person is a great direct mentor, you can also be mentored through books and online learning. You can get books written by or about certain wealthy and successful people that you are interested in and learn from them indirectly. These insights into how they were able to achieve their wealth and success and a better perspective in order for you to achieve yours. As you put everything you are learning into practice, you to can help others around , it will greatly help your performance. It has been said that some of the best teachers are the best learners. In other words, as you learn it, teach it!

7. Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is putting off things that should be done in favor of other things that you enjoy or certain things that you are more comfortable doing. Procrastination is a thief of time; don’t let it get to you! Time lost can never be regained. Time is money, that’s why wages and incomes are really as a result of the time we have invested into a particular venture. The perfect time to start doing something about your wealth creation is now! Don’t even let a lack of finance hold you back. You can start on a small scale and build up gradually. Wealth and success are the results of how you spend your time and what exactly you do with it. Procrastination means you spend your time less profitably. To achieve wealth and success, you must be constantly focused on your goals and deadlines. Set your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals, and make sure to work on them day in and day out. Don’t wait until tomorrow, because often tomorrow never comes. No matter how daunting or discouraging a task may seem, attempt it right now instead of putting it off for another day. It may turn out that task was much easier or simpler than anticipated. Remember that you have time bound goals to consider. To deal with procrastination, have a prioritized to-do list for each day, start with the hard stuffs first and work your way to the easy ones, taking a break when necessary. You can also make yourself accountable to a colleague or mentor, and don’t forget to reward yourself for each task completed!

8. Leave Your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is a place or situation where you feel most safe, at ease or without stress. Do you have one? It might be your warm, fluffy bed that refuses to let you go every morning, or the house you’ve lived in all your life, or maybe the beach. Yes, we all have. Your comfort zone is a limiting zone that keeps you inside the box, you can’t think inside and outside of it. It keeps you all warm and wrapped up inside yourself, comfortable to the extent that you cannot face challenges that will step you up, all because you don’t want to test new waters. You will not know if the new waters are cooler or if the grass is greener on the other side if you don’t challenge to set outside of them. Although, sometimes your comfort zone is all in your head. Even if ideas and inspiration spring up in your comfort zone, they cannot be sustained there. To achieve wealth and success, you have to step out in confidence, to the unknown, to do the seemingly impossible and extraordinary. The comfort zone is for those who live in fear and want to live a stagnant life. Is that what you want for your life? You can do better than your comfort zone!

9. Multiple Streams of Income

To become wealthy these days requires more than just one stream of income. You can engage in many activities that will yield various levels of income. You can start a business on the side, which can be run in your spare time or even by other’s on your behalf, especially if you are an employee. Although, if you are currently unemployed, you should consider being involved in more than one enterprise, one at a time. Once it’s up and running you can start another and maintain them side by side. Your interests and passion can also become a wealth-creation venture for you. You can convert your love for cooking into a business venture or make your interests in artworks work for you as a side enterprise. You can also invest in stocks, mutual funds, land, buildings, and agriculture that will increase in value and yield profits at a later date. Whatever you decide, invest wisely. Research, speak to someone who is experienced in the field you are interested in, and research more! You won’t know until you try, right?

10. Manage Money

To be able to achieve wealth and success, you should be able to manage money and make it work for you, not the other way round. For starters, you should try as much as you can to always spend less than what you earn. How can you ever grow when you live paycheck to paycheck? There is no room for opportunity there. Ask yourself, what expenses do I absolutely need to survive? I.e. food, a home, a car, a phone, etc. You need to also decide how to allocate and prioritize money that comes into your coffers as you cannot afford to spend all on your expenses. You should learn to save a certain percentage of your income, whether it be towards investment opportunities, emergencies, vacation, and/or education. Managing little amounts of money today will enable you to manage large sums tomorrow.

Achieving wealth and success is like a holistic package. Wealth is not complete unless it achieves set goals and touches lives, which is ultimately success.