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20 Beauty Tips Every Woman Needs to Know

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Most females desire to look their best (whether thats every day, or just for special moments) and feel beautiful, sexy, cute or pretty. Some of us dream of moments, that when we enter into a room, a special someone notices us, heck, maybe even the whole room. And ladies, let me tell you, it’s OK to feel this way, and you are not alone!

Now, you may already feel confident in your appearance today, and that is wonderful! For you, we have some tips on how to maintain that confidence, or maybe you’ll pick up a few extra tips.

On the other hand, those of you who feel you maybe are lacking, or would like to enhance your natural beauty; get ready to take notes!

We will cover everything from your skin, hair, eyes, fingers and toes, and so much more!

1. Hair (not on your head)

Most women feel sexier when there is less hair on the skin. In order to achieve this, you can shave with a shaving cream, coconut oil (← obsessed) or try getting waxed or threaded. In order to keep your skin silky and soft, you can also apply a conditioner instead of the regular soap. It’s great for extra hydration!

2. Scent

Fragrance is huge ladies, but you already probably knew this. In order to have a sort of mysterious-sexiness, you can spritz your perfume on certain spots like your wrists (always), but also, the back of your ear lobes, or your knees. This way when your date comes in close, they’ll get a little sniff.

3. Hairstyles

Hair is probably our next biggest factor. Always, make sure you hair is properly washed and conditioned using quality hair treatments. Do you have split-ends or dryness? Try a deep conditioning treatment, coconut oil will also do wonders! If you are wanting to change up your color, you can rinse your hair with a lemon juice mixture in place of the regularly used conditioner, and your hair color will lighten over time.You can also change your look by straightening the hair or by adding curls or waves to it. All you need is a handy flat iron to give yourself the look of the moment you crave. When it comes to drying and styling your hair, make sure you are cautious of the temperatures, depending on how thick or course your hair is. You should also always use a heat protector serum or spray; it’ll also provide support for your flyways and give it a silky finish.

4. Eyes

The eyes of a lady are definitely one of the most appealing features, considering it is an important tool in ‘eye contact’. To keep your eyelashes at the top of your flirt game, you can curl them up by using an eyelash curler. You could even warm up the curler with a portable hair dryer for a period of approximately 3-5 seconds. This will help with the curling of your lashes. Also, a great mascara primer and mascara goes A LONG WAY (and it only costs about $9 bucks). For those of you that are suckers for smoky eyes (we are!), consider freezing your eyeliner for a short period of 10 to 12 minutes before using it. This keeps the eyeliner from crumbling and enhances the lash line.

5. Facial Skin

No one is a fan of dark spots or acne. You can get rid of acne by applying a face scrub, or any exfoliating treatment from a reliable brand. Applying ice cubes (an at-home remedy) can also help control the formation of wrinkles, adipose cells and acne. Now this may sounds strange, but slices of potatoes are very effective against reducing the occurrence of puffy eyelids; it softens and soothes the facial skin as well. Potatoes are useful home remedies due to the presence of a catalase enzyme that lightens dark patches around the eyes, in addition to reducing the amount of water that causes a puffy face. Potatoes can be used the same way cucumbers are used around the eye for a period of 8 to 12 minutes. The use of a face mask also helps reduce spots and acne formation. An unusual face mask alternative is Pepto-Bismol one. This product contains the active ingredient added to facial creams. Applying Pepto-Bismol (1-2 small spoons) to the face smoothens and keeps the face fresh. The maximum duration of application is approximately 25 minutes.

6. Fingers & Toes

Ladies are generally keen on manicures and pedicures. However, it is sometimes frustrating when you have to keep giving it a touch up to make it look nice. You can ensure your nail polish lasts longer (close to a week) by cleaning the nails with a cleanser that is acetone based. This gets rid of every form of particle that might impede the proper adherence of the nail polish to your nails. It is better to have your nails without polish than have the common plague of a chipped colored nail polish.

7. Body

Every part of our body needs protection, especially parts that are continuously exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. The use of a sunscreen prevents unnecessary burns and damage to the skin. Ladies can reduce the dryness of the elbow by using a moisturizer, this gives the skin around the elbow a softer feel, and the effect is evident after 2 to 3 days of applying the moisturizer.

8. Contouring the Face

Another trick to an edgy look is contouring (← video on how to). Contouring defines certain features of the face that usually goes unnoticed. It takes quite a few number of practices to be able to contour your face. You need to contour areas such as the jaws, cheekbones, and nose. This gives a 3D effect, instead of the regular flat look. You could also create the illusion of a fuller lip without Botox by extending your lip line with a lip liner (← video on how to) prior to using a lipstick. The different forms of attainable illusions that can be accomplished with the use of make-up are amazing!

9. Highlighting Cheekbones

Highlighting (← video on how to) the cheek bones with a rouge gives an irresistible glow, however you must be careful to apply the blush moderately to avoid looking like a circus character. A rouge should be applied on the cheekbone, some distance away from the nose. This gives a signature glow that looks nothing short of stunning.

10. Blowouts

An important tip to rock your blowout for a longer duration is avoiding all sorts of moisture (like rain). You can get rid of excess moisture by drying your hair with a portable hand dryer. Another key to maintaining a blowout is to keep the hair scalp from secreting oil; you can use a drying shampoo to get this done. The good thing about this shampoo is that it keeps your hair dry by absorbing moisture and gives volume and body to your hair.

11. Brows

I often recommend using an old tooth brush to brush up the eyebrows and keep them in the drawn arc. To ensure the brows remain well tamed for a longer period of time, you could add hairspray or brush the brows with mascara. Alternatively, try an eyebrow gel. This is a little bit of a cleaner, more natural look. This tip keeps in check brows with a tendency to misbehave. You could also use your tweezers to remove hair strands that aren’t in the line of the brow you’ve drawn.

12. Makeup

When it comes to the use of make-up, there is a lot to consider. For instance it is best you opt for a foundation brush instead of make-up sponges. Foundation brushes allow you to touch specific parts of the face without smudging, and it doesn’t waste your foundation compared to the use of make-up sponges that gulps in foundation fluid. For a ‘fab-glam’ look, you could use fake lashes. However it is important to apply them appropriately. The proper way is to curl up your eyelashes (natural) prior to loosening up and applying a glue to the fake eye lashes, this ensures the fake eyelashes align properly with the natural lashes. You could use your fingers or tweezers to attach the fake lashes as close as possible to your eyelash line. When the glue dries off, touch up with a mascara to enhance the look…and your ‘fab-glam’ look is ready. For ladies that are a fan of longer eyelashes, you will have to curl the lashes before, after and intermittently to keep the lift in check. When you want to remove your make-up, it is best to use a make-up remover or a body lotion.

13. Oily Face & Zits

Ladies can keep their skin looking fresh without luster by using a blot paper to get rid of excess oil formation. Many of those with oily skin are more prone to have zits too. One of the most surprising home remedies for zits is the use of organic toothpaste, the ingredients in organic toothpastes decompresses clogged skin pores and reduces the swelling of zits. It works like magic. This remedy is way better compared to pressing the pimple, pressing allows the causative bacteria to spread to other pores of the skin, and it also leaves dark spots that aren’t very easy to get rid of.

14. Hair Color

Sometimes, ladies want to rock different hair colors (e.g. black, brown, brunette, blonde, red, etc.), but the trick to rocking it is to ensure the color doesn’t fade off. One way to avoid color fading is the use of a deep-conditioner on the hair at least every month.

15. Exfoliating (lips included)

Exfoliating the skin removes skin cells that are dead and restores the natural glow of the skin. Using an exfoliating treatment refreshes the skin. Apparently not only the skin needs to be exfoliated, have you ever heard of lip exfoliation? That’s what keeps your lips smooth and soft; it prevents the lips from cracking or looking flaky. Keep your pout smooth by exfoliating (gentle scrubbing) with a lip balm and a clean mascara brush to get rid of excess flakes. This is why I always say no make-up tool is a waste because old mascara brushes come in handy for lip exfoliation.

16. Foundation

A major mistake so many ladies make when applying make-up is they use the wrong skin tone, this is a major make-up flaw and so many people fall victim. Before buying your foundation, test the product on your skin to ensure you have selected the right shade for your skin. It is advised you don’t test the product in a dark environment, test it where there is natural light. You can also ask someone who works at the makeup counter to assist you!

17. Greys

You don’t always have to dye your hair to mask grey hair strands; you can simply brush the grey hair with a mascara if you have naturally dark hair. While using your mascara, avoid pumping it because this reducing the durability of the mascara by drying it out. If your hair is blonde or brunette, you can mask with colored powder.

18. Feet

You don’t always have to get a pedicure if you can squeeze out time to take good care of your feet. Scrubbing the feet with a pumice stone or coarse sponge every day while taking a bath pretty much does the trick. After scrubbing, wipe the feet dry with a clean towel and apply a moisturizer. This removes accumulated dead skin cells on the feet and also keeps it free from fungus.

19. Makeup Brushes

Always set out a time to clean your make-up brushes, this gets rid of bacteria, ensures even make-up distribution while applying it, and removes the residues of previously applied make-up. You could clean the brushes by using a shampoo and conditioner, or a brush cleansing solution.

20. Frizzy Hair

To avoid a frizzy looking hair, pat your hair dry after squeezing the moisture out instead of rubbing it with a towel. You could also wrap the hair with a towel to drain off the moisture in the hair strands. If that still doesn’t help, try a frizz-ease solution.

What are your favorite beauty tips? We would love to hear them! You can share in the comment section below.