19 Ridiculous Things Kate Middleton Did That Really P*ssed Off The Queen

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It can’t be easy to be the Duchess of Cambridge. When your grandmother-in-law happens to be the Queen of England, certain things are expected of you in terms of lifestyle and public etiquette that would make most people crumble under the pressure. Ms. Middleton seems so far to be handling the role with great poise and grace—ensuring that she fulfills her royal duties. Yet there are some habits that are hard to break for a gorgeous young woman in the modern age, and Ms. Middleton is still human. Here are some things that Kate does that seem to break somewhat with the royal tradition, and irk the rather judgmental Queen.

1. The Topless Photos

Given the fact that the Queen of England—and indeed practically all members of the royal family—avoid showing off skin, it’s no wonder that Kate’s topless photos would bring a great deal of controversy.

The French magazine Closer published photos of the Duchess sunbathing topless by a swimming pool in September of 2012, while William and Kate were on holiday in Provence. Although I’m sure Kate intended for the scene to be private, the Queen doubtlessly would urge her to show a bit more discretion in the future.

2. The Shoes

Among the various aspects of the Queen’s meticulously selected outfits, her shoes are among the most essential. The Queen apparently has multiple pairs of shoes for every ensemble, and takes great care to ensure that they’re looking sharp and “traditional” at all times.

Therefore it’s more than likely that Kate’s love for wedge heels must strike the Queen as a bit obnoxious, given their “modern” vibe and relatively rebellious style. Perhaps the Queen should try on a pair in exchange for Kate trying on a pair of pumps.

3. The Money

Although the Queen of England lives in one of the fanciest and most extravagant palaces in the world, she’s actually known to be quite economical and thrifty when it comes to personal and state expenditures.

This is why it struck many in the royal family as a bit odd that Ms. Middleton chose to spend over a million dollars renovating her new Kensington digs with Prince William. Apparently Kate felt that her modern shoes needed a more modern place to live.

4. The Royal Duties

The Queen is known to be somewhat of a tough cookie, especially when it comes to her royal duties and obligations to the British public. She’s been known to show up for a variety of demanding and grating scheduled events while nursing a bad cold, and during poor weather (which is not so rare in England).

It’s for this reason that there was some tension between Kate and the Queen when Kate opted to stay in bed to nurse her morning sickness rather than attend public events. It’s been some time since the Queen experienced the hell of morning sickness, however, so perhaps she should cut Kate some slack.

5. The Short Skirts

Fashion of course changes with the times, and in this regard skirt length seems to fluctuate as much as anything else. The Queen has always fancied the longer skirts and dresses, with fabric that oftentimes reaches within only a few inches of her perfectly selected shoes.

Kate, on the other hand, seems to favor a shorter cut, with her skirts and dresses often ending before the knee. This apparently has caused the Queen a great deal of anxiety, since before Kate and the Queen appear in public together, the Queen dictates a shorter hemline for the young Duchess. (The Queen also wants Kate to wear more tiaras…)

6. The Wedding Dress

It’s a big deal whenever there’s a wedding in the royal family, and in one of the most-watched weddings in history, Kate Middleton wore a wedding dress that women all over the world fawned over.

The Queen, however, was not one of those women. Designed by Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton, the dress went on display at Buckingham Palace after the wedding, and Kate and the Queen decided to take a little trip over for a viewing, during which time the Queen was apparently overheard saying that she was “not keen” on it. The Queen wasn’t a big fan of the mannequin on which the dress laid either, saying that it was “horrid” and “look[ed] very creepy.” Tough customer.

7. The Hair

The Queen is known for many things, but a variety of hairstyles is not one of them. Usually keeping her hair up and “tight”, the Queen seems to prefer simplicity and consistency to flash and style.

Such is not the case for Kate, who has been known to sport a few different styles, with her favorite being one of the most recognizable and voluptuous styles in modern-day. Many women who want to emulate Kate’s famous hair can simply refer to it as “the Middleton”, and most hairdressers will know what to do.

The Queen probably will not be requesting “the Middleton” any time soon, however, since she has reportedly told Kate to cut it down to shoulder length on multiple occasions.

8. The Booty

Sunbathing in the Queen’s youth was a slightly different experience than it is today, with bathing suits being far more revealing in the 2000s than they were in the middle of the 20th century.

This is probably why the Queen has oftentimes been taken aback by the relatively scandalous bikinis that Kate is fond of wearing when out romping around with William on their vacations. Both Kate and her sister are known for their toned “backsides”, and seem to not have any issue showing them off. This, paired with the fact that Kate has suffered a few “wardrobe malfunctions” has likely led to an irate Queen.

9. The Career

The Queen of England is the embodiment of tradition, and this includes the aspect of having a traditional “path” in life. The fact that Kate has a few gaps in her career path leading up to her new role of Duchess of Cambridge has therefore irked the Queen a bit, who has noted that she wishes Kate came from a somewhat more traditional background.

Perhaps Kate should point out to the Queen that there’s nothing too “traditional” about being British royalty in the first place.

10. The Motherly Inspiration

Much of Kate’s “off the beaten path” approach to being the Duchess of Cambridge relates to the fact that her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, was quite the royal maverick herself.

And while Princess Diana was loved dearly by much of the world, her rogue nature and unique approach to royal affairs and etiquette ruffled more than a few feathers in the royal family, which explains why Kate has ruffled them as well.

Most would agree, however, that following in the kind-hearted and philanthropic footsteps of Princess Diana can only be a good thing in the long run.

11. The Sister

Some might say that Kate’s sister, Pippa, has the best of both worlds. Due to Kate’s illustrious and royal title, Pippa has enjoyed a great deal of attention and benefits that come along with being the sister of a member of the royal family, and none of the overt censorship.

The is a double-edged sword, however, since the fact that Pippa can go off the rails more frequently than Kate means that she can be a bit of an embarrassment, especially when it comes to partying and wearing scandalous clothing.

Yet Pippa never asked Kate to marry one of the most famous bachelors in the world, so we think she should be free to do whatever she wants, no matter how much it turns the eye of the Queen.

12. The Hemline

The innate shortness of a dress is one thing—the way a dress can abruptly move to a less flattering position is another. These “inconsistencies” have led to more than a few wardrobe malfunctions for Kate, which in turn have led to the world seeing more of Ms. Middleton than she had bargained for before leaving her flat.

And since it’s practically guaranteed that there will be cameras present whenever Kate goes out on the town, what the public sees is what the world sees. And what the world sees, the Queen sees. It’s for this reason that the Queen has tried to recommend dresses and skirts with a little more length and a little less potential for malfunction.

13. The Father-in-Law

The Queen is not alone when it comes to grievances with the Duchess. Her father-in-law, Prince Charles, has also voiced on several occasions that he has issues with Kate’s dress and behavior.

Many of these qualms can no doubt be attributed to Charles wanting to side with his dear mother, who has been a source of guidance throughout his life. Many of the qualms can also doubtlessly be attributed to the fact that fathers-in-law are notoriously picky about their sons’ wives—no matter how famous that son may be.

14. The Wedding

And although fathers can be notoriously protective of their sons, grandmothers can be even more so. The Queen has always been incredibly fond of William, and was doubtlessly going to be a bit critical of his new bride no matter who she turned out to be.

The Queen channeled a bit of her anger over the wedding into the idea that it was too extravagant. But what royal wedding isn’t? We think the Queen is just trying to find an excuse for her jealously.

15. The Set Visit

Since Kate was thrust into the public eye so abruptly, we forget that she in fact comes from very humble beginnings and a “normal” life. And this is partly why the Duchess can become a bit overly excited when engaging in “common” royal activities like visiting celebrities.

Such was the case when William and Kate went to visit the set of the hit show “Downton Abbey”, of which Kate is apparently a big fan. Ms. Middleton became clearly giddy and had to be instructed not to stare at some of her favorite actors.

16. The Olympics

And it’s not just visits to television celebrities that can get Kate riled up—the same was the case during the London Olympics, where Kate and William would seem to get overly-excited when any team would win an event, not just Britain.

Such giddiness, although entirely understandable, can seem a bit informal, and the Queen apparently voiced her concern that both Kate and William should tone it down a notch. At least William got an earful as well this time.

17. The Tennis Match

Although the Duchess is a fan of sports in general, one of her favorites is tennis, and Kate can often be spotted at major tennis events such as Wimbledon, where the press was able to capture some of her less-flattering faces during the excitement.

To be fair though, who would want to sit through an exciting tennis match stone-faced?

18. The Grandson

Here’s one thing that the Queen cannot possibly find obnoxious: the birth of her grandson, Prince George! The Queen, along with most of the world, seemed overjoyed to see this little guy enter the world, and why wouldn’t she? He’s adorable, and secures the royal family line well into the future.

The only thing that could have possibly upset the Queen regarding this event was that fact that it took a bit longer than expected.

19. The Granddaughter

Alright, there might be one more thing that the Queen is happy about: her granddaughter, Princess Charlotte, who is indeed as adorable as her brother and makes for two heirs to the throne. Perhaps all that nagging by the Queen was just to ensure that Kate turned out to be a great mom, which it looks like she did.